I just smoked a Corned Beef Brisket that was packaged for boiling on Saint Pats day. I have a SM025. I set the temp to 225F.it was about 3 1./2 pounds. It took about 9 hrs to fully cook to 190F. It was little dry but flavor was great. I wrapped in foil about 6 hours in. Any suggestions so it won't be as dry next time.

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I don't have any direct suggestions, but a few questions...

Did you desalinate prior to smoking?

Did you apply a dry rub prior to smoking?  If so, how long before smoking was it applied?

How long and what method did you use to let the meat rest prior to carving?

My process is to make pastrami by smoking corned beef to about 165 IT, then steam until the IT is about 200 - 205. I have found that commercial corned beef is very lean so that just smoking it like you would a fresh brisket really dries it out. The pastrami steaming step seem to reserve some of the fat that remains after the lower temp smoke.

Yes I did desalinate, I applied rub jut before smoking. I let the meat sit for 30 minutes they hand sliced thin. Thanks to everyone who responded./ Frank

There 3 ways of steaming a smoked corn beef to make pastrami.   No.1 use a large steamer with a rack on a cake pan and steam it for 2 hrs, be sure to check water in pot.  No. 2 use a crockpot with a rack and a little water set to high for 3 hrs.  No. 3 use an electric pressure cooker with a rack and a little water for 1 hr and let it vent naturally.

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