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IMO.. unless the idea of having wireless floats your boat.. the "wired" model is great. You don't get to bring the receiver inside and wait for the beeps.. but, you'll likely have more consistant reliability with the wired model. I've had a couple of them for almost three years now with nada problemo. Having some experience with radio frequency, I know it's not reliable in some situations, it can be kinda quirky in that, as a for instance, if you live in a stucco house, the chickenwire mesh can be an issue, yet in other houses with mesh it would work great.

That said, I bought an Maverick ET-7 (a remote thermometer) from some online discount outfit and it works fine but I find I never use it.. I stick with the old reliable Taylors. Confused Don't ask me why.. just more convenient I guess.
Having some experience with radio frequency, I know it's not reliable in some situations, it can be kinda quirky....

Bill is right on.

According to the support folks at Maverick, if there is any other device in the area operating on or near the same frequency as your Maverick the other device will knock the Mav off line and you'll have to go outside and reset it. Happens to me all the time. Just not worth the hassle.
I've had a Taylor 1474 for about 3 years and think it's a great thermometer. It's been used outside and has been exposed to all manner of weather and temp swings from sub-zero to 100F+. It's always worked without fail.

I originally paid around $40, but the last time I checked, Amazon had them for about $16.

The only problem that I've ever had is forgetting to turn the unit off when I'm finished and draining the batteries. And then there was the time when I had the unit in a carry on bag and was checking in for a flight out of Tampa. A TSA goon confiscated the probe. He said it could be used as a weapon. Smiler
I have both the Maverick and the Taylor 1474. I found the range on the 1474 to be excellent (about 400 feet) as opposed to about 50 feet for the Maverick in my siutation. Not sure what the problem with the 1474 is but they work fine for me. But Amazon is probably the place to look for Taylors. Their price of $10 on the non-remote model can't be beat.

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