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Got a model 150 and need to replace the thermistor. It is from '97 and the color coding is not making it apparent as to what type of thermistor it is (type K, B ...) 

Any help would make my customers super happy! We have been mcGyvering it in our line oven in the meantime (coating our dining room with a lovely smell but less lovely soot)

If anyone out there has an old 150, I may be interested in buying it if anyone wants to give one up.

Thanks Smoker fanatics!  

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Just for clarity, thermistors and thermocouples are different. Thermistors work by utilizing an electrical resistance that changes with temperature. Thermocouples (e.g., Type K or Type B), work by generating a voltage difference between two dissimilar metals that changes with temperature. The LM34 that Electrotech mentions is an integrated circuit sensor that outputs a voltage that varies with temperature, again utilizing resistance change of the components of the IC. Each type of sensor has a temperature range where it works best and is the most linear and repeatable. The IC sensors have three leads instead of two since they need a supply voltage to work.

OK, back to smoking meat!

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