All, I have an opportunity to buy a CS Model 55 for $300. My questions are:

1. Good price?

2. Which current model does it compare to in size?

3. Is the newer digital control that much better at maintaining temperature than analog?

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$300 is a fair but not great price.  $200 would be a great price.
Check the grates.  If they need to be replaced, that would lower the value. FYI, I don't see replacement grates on the parts pages, maybe the SM066 would fit.

It's a good price if it's in good shape. I love the 55's I have two and they do everything I need from Salmon to Pork. You won't regret the purchase


If it is in good shape and still avialble, take it.  I have purchased about 10 used smaller CS ovens.  (008/009/025s)  Also have an 160 - this equipment behaves so consistently I can't suggest any moderately priced used item is going to disappoint you.

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