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I'm trying to decide if I should purchase a cookshack SM025. They look like a very good product. My question is how do they perform in cold weather? I live in Northeast North Dakota. Our temps get down to 2o below and colder. I would like to use it in temps at zero or a bit below. Would I have a problem with using it in these temps?
I would be cooking pork butts, brisket and maybe a turkey in the winter. Thanks for the help.
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Would you have it completely exposed to the elements or in a garage or something similar? It was in the 20's here last night and didn't bother my 66 at all. It was in my garage with the window cracked. CS is a very very well insulated smoker. Have not used mine at extreme temps yet but most likely would be fine, they are built Like a tank.
My AmeriQue 66 that sits outside gave me a bit of trouble once when it was -20. It turned on when I plugged it in but I think the LCD panel was frozen and it wouldn't start. I put a tarp over it and warmed it up with a propane heater for about 10 minutes and it took right off. That was probably extreme cooking for me but that brisket sure was good that evening!
I live in Iowa and use my SMO25 all winter. I wheel it out in front of the garage door under the overhang and have had many smokes when the snow is flying. I let her run all night on pork shoulder and brisket when it might dip below zero and it seems to work perfect. I don't really notice any difference in cook time.

I'll cover the control panel with a small piece of clear plastic so it won't get wet if it's really nasty out.
The only change folks notice is that down at -20º the drain hole in the bottom can form grease cicles as it drips into the pan.

If you spend a lot of time with the door open,playing with the meat, which you aren't supposed to do,temp recovery time is a little longer on a near empty cooker.Just means you add a little extra to finish time.
I've used my Cookshack Elite 025 all year round since I got it and never ever have had even the slightest issue. Perfect smokes every time...even when during our most extreme winter days the highs don't get over 45*. The smoker handles these low temperatures very well, but the weather does seem to affect the cook more. Like other hardy souls, I've found a way to perservere these extreme conditions and trudge forward. We don't get snow so that's not an issue. Big Grin
I have both an older 009, and an 045. I use mine year round. I screwed up and didn't cover it after doing 3 16 pound briskets in 10 degree weather. They finished right on the time I planned. I went out today to do some Summer Sausage? It took about an hour to get enough of the ice off so I could open the door. I am up and running now.


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The pulled pork was delicious, tender and moist. It needed some more smoke flavor. I used a little over 3 ounces to start. Next time I think I will try 4 and see how that tastes. The cookshack had no problem keeping the heat up to 250. It was 11 below when I took the butt off. Trying to decide what the next cook should be.

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