Hi guys, I asked a question a while back about Vacuum Sealers. Time was finally right and my old FoodSaver finally started to go.

I wound up with a Cabelas CG-11 pro-series. Just arrived yesterday and so far I love it. If anyone is interested I can answer more questions anytime.

I wanted to let everyone know about some vacuum bags I ordered off of eBay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISA...em&item=270763918951

I did what I think, was extensive research all over the net and wound of with these. I think the price is pretty good. The quality of the bags seem to be really good. They are patterned inside on both sides and work great with mostly all machines. I had the opportunity to correspond with the company and they respond to email quickly and answered all my questions completely. She explained that they upgraded their bags to an even better quality than what is listed in the eBay description (just didn't get to changing all the descriptions.)

Just wanted to share what I think is a good deal. Gotta take care of all that great BBQ we make!!!
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Thanks. Good to know. I'd definitely use these when I run out of the FoodSaver bags. I've got a ton of them, however, after loading up a couple times taking advantage of the 50% sales.
I guess I must be inherently lazy. I buy my bags already cut and sized to what I need. I use 3 mil bags and very rarely ever get one that fails. If I get a fail, it is more because I did not wait enough time between seals. The machine I use is a Weston which is similar to the CG-11.
Yes I know the Westons well I researched them also. I decided to go with the Cabelas because it has the air port pull air from the top which will help When sealing bags with some moisture that may leak out. Although I really liked the look of the Weston and I wish I had the blue color on mine. The Weston was My second choice it's a great machine with great reviews as well.

By the way if you can cut a straight line I think these bags are a really great value especially for our machines. Smiler
I have had my Weston for at least seven years. Back then, Cabelas did not have the CG-11 model. The only thing I would like at this point is to upgrade to one with a 15-inch sealer bar. Would definitely help with some of the items I seal.
I considered that 15 inch option for a long time. Decided to go without. What are you thinking you may use it for?
My Foodsaver is a no brainer with a built-in cutter. Very handy, straight cuts. When it fails, I'll upgrade to one of the models yu-all are discussing.
Pags, So far my cuts are mostly straight. With a little more practice I should be able to find a system that works. What I like about the Cabela's that I purchased and the Weston is that they both have a quarter inch seal bar. Lol, Food saver commercial on TV right now. My mother loves her food saver.

I would use the 15 inch for larger whole pork butts, larger turkey breasts, etc. It would just be nice to have the extra capacity if needed.

I'll continue to use my old Weston until it kicks the bucket as it still works just fine.
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The cabelas 15" commercial grade unit is no longer made by Weston, but I think the CG 11 may still be. I wanna say yes for sure, but i forgot. The product specialist that the cabelas rep transferred me to spent about 1/2 hour with me and went through all my questions and differences between machines as well. He owns the CG11 himself.

John, I have a feeling you won't need a new one for quite a while.
Originally posted by RibDog:
I guess I must be inherently lazy. I buy my bags already cut and sized to what I need. I use 3 mil bags and very rarely ever get one that fails. If I get a fail, it is more because I did not wait enough time between seals. The machine I use is a Weston which is similar to the CG-11.

Glad to see that I'm not the only one getting lazy. I've had a lot less broken seals by doing it like this. While I've only got a cheap Foodsaver, I've found that after sealing these bags, I'll trim a little off and do a double seal on the bags...works much better than buying a roll of bags.
The reason I like the rolls is because especially with the 8 inch bags I can cut the length of rib slabs and individually seal each rib slab after purchasing multi-packs.

The bags are nice and easy though. I never priced those compared to the rolls.

By the way, if anyone is interested, CAL what you do seems to be popular, because the rep told me that Cabelas new Commercial grade machine is designed with a two row sealer, like what you like to do manually.
I double seal my bags manually, just by doing it twice. I do get some of the bags loose seal, but it's usually from a roll and usually with Ribs: Espec. Baby backs. Once in a while, you'll have a sharp bone somewhere that pokes a hole in the bag. I use food saver bags, which adv. about 22-25 cents a foot, as I bought them in bulk with coupon codes and such.

One day, I’ll get a better one, but have to use up all these bags first.
I waited until my FoodSaver started to go bad to justify the purchase, then finally ordered this one. BTW, they say all bags will work well in this machine, especially since you can adjust the sealing time on 5 levels.
Dang it Vicki! You got me thinking about upgrading my sealer again, but my old Food Saver just won’t die.
Do the bags you got off of EBay have the waffle grid in them so they’ll work in a Food Saver?
I usually buy bulk bags from Cabala’s for $19.99/50 ft. they work well, but they are only 3 mill
Cabela's bulk bag roll/cutter
Chef BA, well, I am gonna make this even more tempting. I just got $80 back from Cabelas. I got an advertisement for Spring Sales at Cabelas and they start 2/28. I told them that I just reveived mine a week ago and she said since you are a good customer we will make an exception and credit your account. Well, if anyone was contemplating purchasing one, the brochure says its running from 2/28 - 3/24.

Yes, the bags from Canada that I mentioned have the waffle weave inside on BOTH sides. They worked well with the old FoodSaver I currently have and mine is the old 1500. I have had it for many years and just got tired of the seals leaking on me. I would suggest that if you use the thicker bags that you double seal them cause my OLD FS has the thin line sealer. The new Cabelas is 1/4 inch and you can see a nice clear seal.
Vicki, you sure know how to hurt a fella. I’m trying to save up to replace my manual meat mixer with an electric meat mixer and you start tempting me with this

Excuse me while I go get a bag of jerky and contemplate my next move Roll Eyes

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