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My Grandfather has a wood shop. Lots of wood scraps!

We also have a fair number of muscadine grape vines and fruit trees. So, here is my question. I am thinking of smoking wood from orange or lime trees, vine clipping (i have heard of people using these for fish), pecan and walnut. Any thoughts about the above woods? Anyone every smoked with cypress? Sounds nasty to me but who knows. Also, I have a little Pinon on hand. Any thoughts would be very appreciated!
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I would not use pine or cypress. Conifers do not make good smoking wood because of tars and saps. I use muscadine vine on anything and everything. Sounds like you might be in Florida. Is pinon a type of oak? Have used pecan and walnut. Pecan is milder than hickory and walnut is too strong for me. Have never used any citrus woods. Might be good on chicken and fish. Do not use any treated wood or trimmings that have been treated with herbicides, miticides, pesticides, or dormant oil. Also, any wood you use should be very dry.


I agree with GLH - don't use cypress. Frowner I will not use pin oak for smoke, too bitter for me. but have used it in an open BBQ pit. However! I have used white oak with some success. If you live where red or white Bay trees grow, you have the best all around wood for smoking fish and meat.

I have used orange, but not lime wood. We used 5 oz orange wood the last time we BBQed prime rib roast in the AmeriQue and it was wonderful - not bitter but with a sweet smoke flavor left in the meat. Smiler I use only woods I cut and even then you must be careful they are free from bug or mite spray. My orange wood came from edges of fields that were once orange groves, but now support other crops.

I always enjoy reading about various woods folks use for smoke. To GLH: thanks for the reminder about pesticides and herbicides. Living in 'Penns Woods', I have access to lots of apple and cherry from local orchards.

I've experimented with spices like whole nutmeg, whole allspice and fennel seed, peppercorns didn't work. I use the spice along with wood. Any other spices to try or is not a good idea?
- Steve
In Jamaican jerk cooking the pimento [allspice] bush and berries are used for smoke.

They are unavailable here,so our island communities adapt.

They cook on hickory and charcoal with pouches of soaked whole allspice berries on the coals for flavor.

They cook an assorment of foods on this,but chicken and pork are the most popular.

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