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Well, for the holiday weekend, not much. Green chile cheese sliders on the grill last night, wings tonight (my preferred technique of grilling with the Amaz-n tube smoker alongside putting out lots of apple wood pellet smoke) tonight, and tomorrow hasn't been determined yet, but I'll do a batch of almonds while I think about it. Happy Labor Day!

I haven't been really happy with my smoked almonds until now. I use raw almonds from BJ's (about $7 for 11 or 12 oz, just enough for one level of frog mat in my SM066). I've tried various flavors and combinations, knowing you need a liquid "wetting agent" to let the dry spices or herbs adhere. I finally found a really good version! I used (for 11 - 12 oz of raw almonds) 1 tablespoon of Sriracha sauce, stirred well to coat every nut, followed by one teaspoon of sea salt, also stirred well. Placed in the smoker on a frog mat on one level, used a one oz hickory chunk, and smoked for about 2 hours 15 minutes at 225 F.

The result was fabulous smoked almonds, good smoke flavor, enough salt to make them addicting, enough time to make them crunchy, and enough Sriracha to make them just spicy enough to be interesting. Will do again!! Simplicity is good!

Today I smoked my last batch of wild salmon for the season - 6.5 lbs of Coho (from Costco, a real find). That makes about 25 lbs total for the summer, a bit low since wild Alaskan sockeye salmon was not available until July this year vs early June most years, and Copper River sockeye was not available at all. I used Mr. T's brine as always and cut the salmon to three pieces per side (I try to get sides about 1.5 lbs each), so 12 pieces on two racks in my Amerique. I used 2.5 oz of alder (two small chunks) at 200F for about 55 minutes, for an IT in the thickest piece of 145 by the Amerique probe.

We use smoked salmon all year from the freezer (it freezes great in Foodsaver vacuum bags), mostly for breakfast, but over the holidays we make lots of smoked salmon spread with cream cheese and sour cream for bagels and toast in the morning or on crackers for a snack. A freezer full of home-smoked salmon is a beautiful thing. Try it!

jobiewan - yes, I leave the skin on while I cool the pieces to room temp on racks and then freeze them individually in foodsaver bags cut to size from the roll. I think (without real evidence) that it helps retain moisture in the freezer. I've found that if the freezer bag vacuum holds, the pieces can go well over a year and still be great. I'm currently eating a batch I made in July last year.

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Did a pork shoulder last weekend.  Got a late start so cooked at 300.  Turned out just as tender and juicy as going low and slow.  Decent bark and decent smoke flavor...

Had to strip the vegetable plants yesterday bcuz we had our first hard freeze last night so I've got a bunch of hot peppers that I'm going to smoke this weekend.  Will dehydrate some and make some chipotle sauce out of the rest.

Hoping to give jay's smoked salmon recipe this wknd too!

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