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Some good ones above. I've found something good at each of them. For example, at the above link they make an amazing Lemon Pepper that is handsdown superb. Has a very well derived Citrus flavor that not in any other.

I've got quite a few sites, some I use, some I don't.

Do you have something specific or just looking for a general site? For example, I might not use Pendry's for Mexican, but use Tom's favorite.

All of the ones listed will take care of you.
Schreider has a bunch of good products.

A friend,that we cook a lot with,gets them for us.

His brother is the south Florida rep for them and he hand carries them up from Pompano for us.[Saves shipping]

He is nice enough to bring in many of their products to sample.

They started up as a specialty chefs' supplier for that market and developed unique requested flavors and a higher quality than some of the box stores.

Yup, that's them, I had to get mine from a regional guy but they're finally available online.

Sam, it's a dry rub. They actually do call it "Lemon & Herb Seasoning". I found it because a seafood shop here in town uses a LOT of it in stuff they sell. Just talked to him one day, showed me the stuff and off I went.
For the most part, if I'm shopping for a good selection of high quality general spices, my shopping depends upon how I'm buying.

In order of preference, if I'm buying online, I go to:

The Spice House
My Spice Sage

If I'm buying bricks and mortar retail, I go to:

Penzeys (1 block from one of my offices)
The Spice House (10 miles from my house)
My Spice Sage (N/A)

When you start getting to more exotic spices, I typically go to Amazon, or a variety of specialty online retailers.
Originally posted by Dave Shaver:
Another choice: Spices, Inc.

Great descriptions of their products; I've placed two orders so far (each was over $70) and all items top notch.

They also have great recipes, free shipping over $ 35.00 order.
The nice part that they allow to buy in bulk and so far I have had about 4 orders in about 2 years with always satisfactory result. Quick service and delivery. Spices have been top quality and by far the better then other mail orders I had tried before.

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