What can I use to keep the grease from freezing up in the pan and going up into the drain tube? I had this happened several times with extended (16 hour) cooks with butts and brisket.
I thought about using a heat lamp but don't know how effective it would be...A magnetic 200 amp oil pan heater?
What do other Northerners use?
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Try some heat tape like you can find at Home Depot. It comes in varying lengths and is designed to keep pipes from freezing. You can use foil tape to tape it to the areas you are concern3d about. Make sure you tape the thermostat part on a piece of metal that does not receive heat from the cooker or it will never turn on.
I wonder if you wrapped a heavy copper wire around the tube if it would transfer enough heat to do the trick?
If wrapping the tube alone isn't enough, one turn around the fire pot would do it!
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You can also place an aluminum foil pan under the meat. Add an inch of water to the pan and you'll also have nice au jus/sauce base to work with.

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