Just got my new Supersmoker. Put it together, set the temp and waited....won't heat up. Checked the connections, reset the plug, and nothing.

Anyone have suggestions other than contacting the company we bought it from?
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Plugged in to a live outlet?
No tripped GFI breaker?

Anything lighting up?

Short of those(at least thats what I would look for) give cookshack a buzz, I'm sure they can help you
looks like the heating element is not working. not sure how the heating element is hooked up or if you can even disassemble to check it out.

if you dont know what that is its the metal bars under the wood box which get hot and produce the heat.
I've been using a Bradley smoker for the past 3 years that used a heating element as well so I'm familiar with the process.

Can't see any way to access under the unit. the heating element appears to have a couple of nuts that hold it in at the back of the unit. I agree that it appears the heating element is bad.

Guess I'll make a call in the morning. It was supposed to be delivered nearly 2 weeks ago as a birthday present so showing up late and DOA did not make my wife (who ordered it) happy.
looks like you will have to make the call. If you bought it from cookshack.com, they are having a fathers day 10% off sale on all cookshack smokers. You should ask for that discount for your trouble as well as a new heating element free of charge. i think that would be fair
You really need to contact them, it's pretty much impossible for us to help you other than the simple checks. If there was damage during the shipping, or something is loose, they'll help trouble shoot it and ship out new parts if necessary.

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