I smoked a 5 lb bird for about 3hours 15 min. in a 009 at 225. The bird came out excellent, no complaints, just like always. I put 4 oz of hickory, in two chunks, and a kingsford charcoal briquette for the smoke ring, which worked wonderfully. My only question is one of the chunks turned into charcoal, but not ash like when I smoke the b. buts, the other was slightly darkened. The kingsford briquette looked the same as before the cook when I retrieved it after cooldown. Big deal, not a big deal, or should I stop worring and enjoy the chicken?

Chas. SC
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Stop worrying.... It's the taste of the product that counts!

In my 055, I rarely see a chunk of wood go to ashes. I always put new wood up front, nearest the most heat, and push the charred stuff to the back where eventually it may turn to ash.

But I get plenty of smoke, out the vent hole as well as on the product, so I never worry about the charred wood.

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