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Reply to "BBQ Catering Spreadsheet"

Sorry I'm so late in responding...

The spreadsheets links are in fact dead now. My brother was hosting them for me and he lost his hosting account. I've tried hosting them on Google Docs, but it doesn't allow protected workbooks.

So, from now on just email me directly and I'll be happy to send you a copy. My email address is mike at oakridgebbq dot com.

Regarding the questions about the differences in figures between my spreadsheet and SoEzzy's... the spreadsheets are the same internally because he stole my proprietary code years ago and developed his own spreadsheet based directly off mine. However, he is using a different default meat retention figure, which creates a difference in raw meat calculations.

Anyone using my spreadsheet should FIRST review the meat retention values and adjust them to fit THEIR own cooking results. You can easily plug in one override value at the top of the spreadsheet. When you don't do this, you may receive inaccurate results for your cooking style.

Please feel free to holler with any other questions!

Oakridge BBQ LLC

email: mike at oakridgebbq dot com