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wood chunks burning not smoking

Forum: Open Forum
I have a SM-160 smoker that is 12 years old. I have kept it very busy smoking items for family and hunting crew and was very happy with it. Over the past year, the wood chunks have been igniting with a acrid smell that requires removal of wood to prevent ruining my product. I have been in touch with Woodshack's support team and they have been very responsive but unable to pinpoint the issue. Here are some of the things I've tried: Is unit clean ? yes, looks like new Replace seal around door.Read More...
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Sausage failure again

Forum: Sausage
Humor me by listening to my long tale of woe. I started smoking sausage severl years ago with a WSM - could not learn to control temperature, and smoking sausage was a failure. Purchased a MES and experienced the same overshoot of temperatures and fat out sausages. Gave up, but kept my Weber for grilling. Purchased a RecTeq RT-1250 pellet grill, and it works quite well for low-and-slow cooking, but the lowest temperature setting is 180℉. Too hot for sausage. Now I have a slightly used...Read More...
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Fast Eddie FEC240

Hi Guys, new member here. I’ve been smoking for a long time on log burner smokers and recently had an opportunity to work on a FEC120. I was pleased with the results and ease of use. I found a used FEC240 for $5000. It seems pretty clean. Build in 2013. Tha question is - is it worth it or should I save for a new one? Also if I buy used what is the most expensive part to replace? TIARead More...
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HOT message on temperature box

Just used brand new new cooker for the first time. After some time the thermostat box on top of cooker starts to say HOT. I'm thinking-yes, it is hot. IT'S AN OVEN. Then, unbeknownst to me, the cooker shut itself down at some point and my cook was ruined. Super disappointed. This is an expensive piece of kit. I had very high hopes for it. Now it’s basically an expensive and oily piece of scrap metal.Read More...
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Holding Cooler with a Sous Vide heater

Forum: Open Forum
Greetings fellow CookShackers. I know the SM066 has a hold feature BUT it is only for six hours, and I know that I can set the temp to 145 or 150 and walk away as well. I have been searching far and wide on the internet for holding oven ideas without dropping 4500 bucks on a real holding oven. My plan is to hold briskets at 150 degrees for at least 24 hours prior to serving. I am doing brisket over the Memorial Day weekend. In the spirit of American exceptionalism, I discovered a Canadian...Read More...
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Venison Burgers

Anyone have a recipe for making some? Going through the freezer and found one package of ground venison I have left. Figure I'll need to add some fat to them. I think they would be pretty dry otherwise. Beef or pork fat? I've used the ground venison for chili & "Bambi Helper" before, both of which are very good BTW. But thought I'd try some burgers this time around.Read More...
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Fire in the Hole

First off let me assure you that I plan on calling Cookshack on this but I would like to know if this is common. I did a 12 hour cook on my FEC-100 at 224 degrees until the meat hit a target temp. I then dropped the cook temp to 140 on the IQ4 controller. There it stayed within several degrees of 140 until I turned it off after 2 hours. I pulled the meat and shut the door for the unit to cool. Coming out 3 hours later I noticed smoke coming out of the chimney. (An elbow and 5 feet of...Read More...
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Deep Cleaning

I am a new owner of a used SMO25 smoker that is in real need of a deep cleaning. When the last time (if ever) the smoker was cleaned is unknown. I've read the Owner's Manual, the cleaning procedure does not provide much information. Would like to the recommended cleaning compounds/materials to use, and the chemicals/compounds NOT to use. Tips and suggestions for this newby welcome!!Read More...
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Pork Belly smoke on my Weber

Forum: Open Forum
I smoked 5.5-pound pork belly on Sunday (05-28-23). I had family in town for my daughter’s high school graduation. I used my 22-inch Webber grill (set up with Slow N Sear and Fireboard Pro 2). Cook time was right at 11 hours. The Fireboard held the grill temp at 225 degrees almost perfectly the entire time. It was good, and it was even better the next day. I did not use my SM066 because it was holding a 20-pound brisket at 150 degrees. I had a few leftovers. They were refrigerated and warmed...Read More...
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Smoked Corn on the Cob?

Has anyone tried to cook corn on the cob in the smoker? Would seem to me the temp (225) is about the same as boiling water so the time and cook should be about the same. Husk on or off? I didn't find anything with a search but I intend to try it. Think I will preheat the smoker and place the corn in a shallow pan with a little water in the bottom to keep it moist. Should be interesting.Read More...
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insurance for mom and pop

the biggest thing i worry about is health insurance. or the lack thereof.. we have chatted with a few different companies, but none of them were even close to being affordable. if there are any insurance tycoons out there reading this, take notes. there are thousands of us out there, small mom and pop places that cant afford hundreds per month for health insurance. when i was managing big corporate, i was only paying 50 a month for it. somehow, we should all get together, like a union of...Read More...
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Help for an old smokette II model 008. Not holding temp

I’ve had the smoker for a long time and it’s always performed well. I can’t say where you set the dial is what you get, but you can fiddle with it and get it dialed in. I have,not used it in awhile but broke it out today for some ribs. I set the dial at 225. Within 1/2 hour my temp probe went of at my max set temp of 260. I turned it down to 200. The temp quickly dropped until it was below 200. So I turned it up to just below 225. Again it jumped up over 250. Is this a dial problem or a...Read More...
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quick dry aged steaks

Forum: Beef
I am on another forum that is about making sausage, and other meat cooking stuff. One of the guys just posted that he had tried a new way to “dry age” beef, and the steaks were really good. Now I am going to have to give this a try. He compared it to a 45 day dry aged steak and said it was very close in flavor and tenderness and it only took 48 hours. Here is a link to the method he used: . Yes this is from Thermoworks and I don’t know how...Read More...
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Forum: Open Forum
I have a 2010 SM160 that the IQ4 won’t operate if temperature is 40 degrees or colder outside, I’ve discussed with Cookshack and they said I would have to upgrade to the IQ5 controller. It’s not financially doable currently and I ask if they had schematics of the circuit boards and they said they didn’t so I was wondering if anyone on our site might have schematics? Thanks BuzzRead More...
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PICS - Bacon Cure Recipe & First Attempt! Featured

Hello all, been a while since I posted, but have been lurking and cooking! I just picked up two Snake River Farms Kurobuta(Berkshire) pork bellies at about 9#s each. I know, I know pricey even on sale (50% off now), but I REALLY DON'T want to FUBAR these. I need some advice: I want a brown sugar cure, rec cure recipe. Hot or cold smoke. Use my FEC100 or SM066, I have A-MAZE-N tube and tray pellet units for cold smoke to use in either. I have better control at low temp on the SM066, 140-150...Read More...
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Glossary of Terms for New Users Featured

Forum: Open Forum
A glossary of terms for new users (and old). Changes and additions should be added to this post and are gratefully accepted. ============================================ ABT - Atomic Buffalo Turd - a jalapeno pepper filled with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and then smoked. Beinks or Boinks (see also Burnt Ends and Moinks) - Burnt ends wrapped in bacon, slathered with BBQ sauce and smoked till sauce is tacky. Brining - a mixture of water, salt, and sugar/seasonings to immerse poultry,...Read More...
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Favorite BBQ Tools

Forum: Open Forum
Looking to get some new equipment for my smoking/grilling/cooking and wanted to see what some of everyone’s favorite tools, pans, toys, pots, thermometers, knives, etc. we’re. Really looking to see what everyone uses other than their grill/cooker to get some recommendations for some gifts for the upcoming holiday season. Please name the product if there is something you really like. I am looking for specific products that you guys like.Read More...
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help needed to save an old 2003 sm260

I am trying to repair a very old 2003 and abused SM260 that I was given as a non-starter. I have so fare replace one of the heating elements which was snapped, and the thermocouple (also snapped). I have fixed the controller so that it at least turn on now (dead mosfet) and replaced a lot of the old generic components. In essence everything powers up and i can press start but nothing happens, and i cannot measure any V on the SSR. The only thing that stands out is that it starts up with the...Read More...
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Repairing/Converting Model 160

Forum: Open Forum
2004 model 160 not functioning properly, display shows 100 degrees, oven heats to set temp and shuts off, then resets. Telephone call to CS, they say its the control board, $1200.00 replacement part. Not willing to spend that, but hate to scrap this smoker. Anyone had any success bypassing with a PID controller or other fix? I have read some old posts, but nothing current with this smoker.Read More...
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SM360 Replace Controller

Forum: Open Forum
Hello, I have an 6 year old SM360, and have just bought a replacement control panel (PA128 IQ5 Control Panel) Although it seems to be double the size of the original one currently there. I need to replace this panel due to damge. Does anyone have any information if the new control panel i bought can be fitted? Or have i just ordered the wrong part. Any information would be great. ThanksRead More...
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Free range chicken

Forum: Poultry
Hi - I’m exploring ways to cook farmer’s market free range chickens - the ones who have run around outside and can be tough if not cooked carefully. Note that this long cooking is definitely not necessary for the free range chickens from the grocery store (the Forum already has many recipes that work beautifully for them). The 4 ¼ lb. whole bird I bought came frozen solid. I brined approx. 24 hours, drained, and refrigerated another day. I rubbed the bird with canola oil and trussed it. I...Read More...
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Is the FEC 100 "smoky" enough?

I like my pork fairly well smoked. I was told that the FEC 100 produces a less smoky product than the SM Cookshack models. Do the pellet versions produce a product as smoky as the Cookshack electrics that use a heating element & wood chunks? I currently own a Pitt's & Spitts offset firebox smoker, and was hoping to get equally smoky results without the constant tending hassles of an offset firebox stick burner. -JeffRead More...
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Adding a third grate level to PG1000

I see on the new imported version of my beloved 2012 PG1000 they have cooking grates on three levels expanding the cooking area. I often wondered if this was possible, has anyone made this modification to their PG1000? Thanks!Read More...

Ribs and Chicken

Forum: Poultry
I am a newbi with a CS sm025. So far I have had great success with smoking pork ribs twice. Now I have a request to do chicken along with ribs today. Can anybody tell me a good recipe for the(whole) chicken? Something simple for the first time. Thanks for all help.Read More...
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Costs to open a small BBQ Joint? Your best guesses?

Looks like I'm going to be laid off in July 2009. My wife has told me to follow my passion and finally open a BBQ Joint / Premium Spice Shop. I want to focus on takeout but still have maybe 10 - 12 Tables. The spice part will require 800 - 900 SF of space. That part aside, I have no idea how to figure out what to budget for a kitchen. I do think I will be using one of the larger Cookshack units. If any of you have started a BBQ joint similar in size to what I am thinking, can you share what...Read More...
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SM160 running while off!

Ok! I purchased an SM160 back in 2011. I have it outside under an over hang. I haven't used it since around Xmas. Today I went out to get something and the smoker was hot and running. The power switch was in the OFF position the display was blank. I couldn't believe what was going on so I flipped the switch on and it just let out a constant beep. Not like the 3 seconds when you turn it on it came on and stayed on. The gasket was stuck to the door. I let it cool down. I cleaned my racks...Read More...
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Forum: Open Forum
Recently retired and have an older 009 unused for minimum 5 yrs. but in excellent condition. Mostly concerned about safety. Please suggest the best way to prepare the interior for safe way to clean and sanitize to start using again. Anxious to get back to it again now that I have the time.Read More...
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Smoke ring & trimming

Forum: Brisket
Many brisket fans want to see a smoke ring, although it adds little to the taste. I have a 15yo Smokette and it delivers a tender and great flavored brisket to this day, but it doesn't create a smoke ring (without help) and it doesn't render all of the fat like a 100% wood fired BBQ cooker. For an authentic smoke ring: Before seasoning, generously rub "Mortons Tender Quick" a fine grind tenderizing salt over entire brisket. Leave Tender Quick on 10-15 minutes max for 1/4 to 3/8" ring. Any...Read More...
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