Buck Board Bacon

I’ve just finally smoked my first batch of Buck Board Bacon.


I used a pork shoulder roast and cured it with Hi Mountain Buck Board Bacon Cure, following their directions.

At the end of the cure I soaked the product for two hours changing the water every ½ hour.

After that I let it rest for an hour or so, dried it off and placed in my PG1000 and smoked it until it reached 140 degrees internal.


The next day I sliced some and fried it.

I was pretty disappointed as the smell and taste of bacon was just not close and it was quite salty (not enough soaking).

Later I mate a BLT sandwich with some and found it to be acceptable.


So is there any way to get closer to real bacon taste and smell without using pork belly or do I just need to make real bacon in the future?




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