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Time to revisit the "HOW" to do it (cal, I saw your post).

In the headline, please use PIC or PICS (depending on if it's one or many photos)

Option 1. You can upload your photos directly into the forum when you start a new thread. At the bottom there is a line that says "add attachment" click on that, browse to your LOCAL computer for the file name, then in the file description block, put a descriptive title. Advantages. This is the easiest to do Disadvantage. It shows up as a paper clip, not a photo.

Option 2. Use a photobucket website to upload your pictures to the internet. I'll add some details about this. Basically you have to put the pictures from you PC onto a server on the internet for the world to see. Advantage. You can then post a URL/Link to your thread and an actual photo will show up. Disadvantage. Your photos will be available only as long as that site is. That's why a number of photos have disappeared, because their links to photos on those websites moved, changed or died.

Option 3. My preference. It's a PITA for me, but I like it the best. Send me your photos, I'll edit for size and put them on the CS server, then send you info how to put them in your post. Advantage. Photos will be sized consistently and permanent to the forum. Disadvantages. Takes a few days as you have to send them to me.

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