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Reply to "Incredible Brisket Recipe"

Just a thought, about folks that try something twice.

There are places that might finely shred a pork shoulder,fat,skin,and all.

They might place it in a sauce pan,add an equal amount of sauce,and simmer for 2-3 hrs.

The forum tries not to guide folks in that direction,if they are seeking fine pulled pork.

If it works for their family ,and that is their goal-that's a good thing.

Smokin' and I like to cook, like a judge might think.

If we try to help someone experience a new product,we'd like them to experience it as history/folklore,other diners,food columnists,etc. have raved about the taste and texture.

That is sort of the goal of the forum.

Pork ,beef,and poultry,probably ought to taste like their name.

Judges think losing the piece of meat in deep sauce,might mean the cook was afraid for them to actually experience the meat.

Yes,there are some things many of us are served,and if we prefer not to taste them-we may drown them in ketchup. Eeker

Probably many of us have seen a slice of beef tenderloin,or bone- in dry aged prime rib,the cook cooks to the stage of shoe leather,because that is the way they like it.

They may repeat it that way all their life.

That might not be the way the chef,at a fine restaurant,would want diners to remember ,what fine beef would taste like.

If they brought their boss,that had a history of dining on the best briskets,all over the Southwest,they might like it to resemble what he usually seeks out.

Now my granny was a wonderful human being,and cooked many things well.

Several generations have raved about the fine comfort food she shared with the family.

....and then there was her meatloaf. Roll Eyes

The same generations still mention that, as the low point in their dining life,even though we all quietly consumed our portion.

And yes,she repeated it more than we care to mention.

Just a couple of thoughts.