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Reply to "Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall"

Got a smokette as a birthday gift from my wife - she must really like me as she isn't a fan of strong smoke flavors.

I grew up in Wisconsin where teutonic smoked meats reign: ham, bacon, jerky, homade sausage from slim jims to fat pats to mettwurst, all so smokey that you wonder where's the fire... (Once drove into Thorp, WI, saw huge plume of smoke, looked for fire engines & sirens, nope, it's just Nolechek's Locker making bacon)

Currently live in suburban wastelands of Louisville and have grown to enjoy bbq - Moonlite of Owensboro is a particular favorite.

Great thing about CS is likelihood of success for beginners or with new recipes - have tried beef, chicken, pork loin, smoked brats, salmon, marlin, beans and more. Most were delicious and all at least passable - can't say that about all outdoor cooking equipment.

Next acquisition may be a Primo ceramic grill - like a Green Egg. The quest for an electric smoker began when I realized that my Dukane made a lousy smoker - I've now realized it's not much of a grill either where steaks are concerned. But will probably hold off as we're hoping to move somewhere else in the midwest...any suggestions, gang?

Here's sort of a recipe:

Pork Chops ala Ham
Rub 2 1" thick chops (about 14oz each) with 1 tsp Morton's TenderQuick. Dust with white pepper, fenugreek, and paprika. Refrigerate in closed container for 24-36 hours. Smoke at 225F with 1oz maple until 165F - about 3 hours for me.