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Reply to "Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall"

Hello to all,

I just got back to Tampa, Florida from a car trip to New Jersey and saw this roll call.

I am a retired physician. Elinor, my wife and chief food critic, and I live in a townhome on a small island in the mouth of Tampa Bay.

I have been cooking for many years, starting at home when very young, cooking breakfast for the football team at Florida University to pay my way through college, and continuing to learn about food and cooking since then.

We have a Smokette and a Big Green Egg on a small porch off my kitchen. I cook the Que there and like to take pictures of the finished results to share with you on this forum and the BGE forum.

Smokin and some others that he has encouraged want to hassle me about my Egg- but they know I use both my cookers to take advantage of their unique qualities.

In addition to cooking, I am interested in digital photography, dogs (we have 2 Schnauzers), computers and my 2 young grandchildren, not in order of preference.

My sister and I write a restaurant review/food column for a local Tampabay magazine.

That's about it for me. Big Grin