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Reply to "Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall"

Howdy, all!

Joe here, currently living in the state most famous for smoking - Utah.

That was a joke, BTW... Har, har. That one gets me every time...

Anyway, I'm a Cookshack Model 50 owner who spends his days as a computer system administrator, and some evenings working on an online radio station dedicated to the Blues.

Prior to the CS50, I did all my smoking on a Weber Genesis Silver C using woodchips and BBQr's Delight pellets in a stainless steel and a cast iron smoker box. Next goal will probably be a Klose Pit (Family Reunion?) or Big Jim's Lazy-Q.

In my family, and even in my neighborhood, folks call me "Chef Joe", among other things, even though I remind them each time that I'm NOT a chef - Sorry, TC. Really not trying to claim the title! Smiler - but that I just enjoy cooking. This weekend's experiment was a sweet corn souffle. Turned out pretty good, but next time I'll have to smoke it!

As I said, I'm in Utah and we all know what's coming up in February, right? Yep, the world will be converging on the Salt Lake area to gather together, flip the terrorists the big ol' bald eagle, and participate in the greatest winter games yet. So, if you happen to be some of those people gathering here, and start jonesin' for some smoke, you just be sure and let me know!