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Reply to "Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall"

Originally posted by cadillac:
[qb] My name is Bob and I live in Iowa. Just became a CS owner a little over a month ago and I am HOOKED. I threw out my old bullet shaped Brinkman smoker & my 18 year old charcoal griller. But I have kept my Brinkman offset cooker just in case I want to return to "the old days". During the day I am the IT manager at a metal stamping facility.

Living in Iowa is wonderful but just lately I have developed this odd characteristic. When we pass by a field with the usual farm critters in it, my wife says "Aw... look at those cute xxxxx." (xxxx = cows, sheep, lambs, goats, etc) And I think "A little CS rub, maybe some marinade, slow cook at 225... serve with slaw...."

Thank everyone for being so helpful here, I couldnt have gotten started without you all. MainelyDave, your pictures & stories are an inspiration that I use to get me pumped up for a cook! Hope to see you all at the upcoming BBQlossal here in Iowa this June! It's a BLAST!!!

Bob [/qb]
Gee whiz... thanks! Welcome to the forum - this place is the best. If you can't find an answer by searching the archives (highly recommend, there's tons of info there), posting a question usually gets answered in a couple hours or less.

I've been busy working lately, but should have a new smoke story up by Sunday, if I can find a packer cut, choice brisket up here in lobsterland. Otherwise, I'm hoping to do a Turkey Pastrami thing.

Again - welcome.