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Reply to "Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall"

My name is jack and my wife and I are taking the plunge into commercial bbq. In the next 5 working days we are ordering an sm150 and fe100 along with an 8 x 18 foot custom trailer from Trailer-tech as my IRA withdrawal money should arrive by then.
to be honest after a years search i was sold on the southern yankee rig but when we went to the NBBQA convention in atlanta my thinking changed.
John Shifflet spent a lot of time with us and we told him of our needs. As a chef I want to do competitions but my wife wasn't comfortable with the fe100 so he sent us inside to look at the sm150. She loves it and to be honest I feel that that is the smoker we will use the most.
Our name is 2 Greyhounds....SMOKIN!!!!, Inc. got it from the fact we own two retired racers and it made for a neat logo!!
But back to Cookshack. We are ordering from them due to Mr Shiflet and the fact that cookshack was the only ones who did not try to tell us how to get around the food laws even if it meant they might have lost a sale. That kind of honesty says to me that they will stand behind their products.
Please excuse any spelling or puncuation errors. i'm just a chef not an english teacher
@ Greyhounds....SMOKIN!!!!