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Reply to "Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall"

Hello All...

Sorry about checking in so late but I haven't visited regularly since I put the CS away for the winter.

My name is John and I live in Canada's capital, Ottawa.
I'm a forensics officer and have two sons in Engineering at Ottawa University. My wife shares my love of meat preparation, particularly sausage making, (likely the result of my Hungarian genetic programming).

Unfortunately, our really cold winters limit smoking, (realistically), to eight or nine months :-(

This was my first summer with my 008. I learned a lot, (primarily thanks to this great forum), and had many memorable meals.
I finished the season being darn good, (if I may say so myself), at smoking butts, briskets, ribs, and sausage. I learned how to rub, cure, and brine.
Next year can only be better !

I've really enjoyed chatting with you all and sharing our love of Q.