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Reply to "Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall"


My Nickname is Mango
My home is on the Island of Maui, married 15 Years, occupation chief building engineer (read Mr. fit-it) I have lived on Maui 19 Years grew up in San Francisco.

I like to woodwork, snorkel/dive spearfish BBQ, cook and not cook insert Sashimi; you can find me in our Institute�s kitchen watching the Chefs work. Tumbling product marinating and smoking in their double pot lil smokehouse. They told me I was an idiot for buying a smoker when they have one here just two floors down I can use anytime.

We {wife and I} bought an electric bullet 5 Years ago; I have used it 5 times. My boss is a resident as well and I know he would frown on gas or fire on our Lanai. Even though it is 6� concrete all around (he�s weird Smiler ) Well I was wrong he frowned on the electric too actually the smoke. He lives 5 floors up and he did not like it. He rules period.

Well He retires July and I am going to celebrate with a new BETTER smoker.
I am in the process of purchasing a smoker and CookShack is the model I have decided on.

The price of the Cookshack smokers is a little hard to handle at first but all the talk and loyalty sold me (been looking at the site about 1.5 years even received literature 1.5 years ago and 1 Month ago. When I finally decided FINE! Now do I need the 008 or the 50 that was! my last hurdle, I really did not want to sell myself short on the 008 when it came to capacity. Up until 3 weeks ago that was my "only� dilemma.

However! Yet another dilemma, No its not the shipping of the smoker, I assume it does not arrive in a plain wrapper. I had a friend agree that I could ship it to his residence. To avoid suspicion on my bosses part J

It is the fact that Smoke Shack has developed the end all of all smokers the Ron popeil version of set it and forget it. For a beginner that is such a selling point into the mystery of perfect smoking. It has almost removed all the fear of it.

. Sheesh okay I swallowed possibly $800.00 for a smoker to now a possible $1,500.00 and a very upset wife. Eeker Cannot life be just be a wee bit less stressful, you know! Two Months if you just could have waited two Months to announce the birth of a new smoker Big Grin

I have entered the contest so I shall manage to wait a little while longer to know the results.

I have read almost all the posts in all the folders concerning the CS models back to July 1, 2001 great information and mouth-watering recipes. Learned a lot and seen pictures of the 008 and 50 loaded. Many of my questions have been answered and recent e-mails have answered a few others.

Being a person whom purchased a Unisaw and a very large 16� band saw. Decided the 50 is overkill I mean the right option (If and only if I decide not to go for it the new no name model you know the larger better equipped new model (thanks again) what�s life without indecision and stress.

Thanks for reading the very long first post, if you spread it out over 1.5 years it is not all that long.


One I did not find covered.

Can you cold smoke meats [rib eyes, burgers store bought dogs & sausage�s] for black skillet cooking? If yes how do you do it?

& Aloha Ke Akua