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Reply to "Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall"

Thanks for the welcome Sarge and Mike!

Ooh...thanks for the advice on swapping to the SS Grates. I'll give them a call on Monday.

I've been skimming through the lessons thread, as well as reading Smokin' Okies "101" recipes as well.

Really looking forward to getting started with the smoker.

Originally posted by Idaho Mike:

Welcome to the forum.

If you just ordered your 025, and it hasn't shipped yet, you might want to think about calling Cookshack and see what they would charge to switch out the standard cooking grates for stainless steel grates. you might think about getting the side racks with the extra slots in them, and enough stainless grates for the slots. Yes you will have to pay for the changes, but in the end it could save you a bunch of money. When I got my 045 I think the change from the standard chromed cooking grates to the stainless steel grates was a difference of 5 or 10 dollars. These same stainless grates are $55.00 a grate to buy outright.

Read the sticky about Lessons for new users: . It makes a fairly steep learning curve a lot less steep. These things are joy to use and are pretty much set them and forget them.