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Reply to "Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall"

New owner of an older 008 (mfg date 1-25-07).
I am in Spokane Washington area.  I have a MES 30 with mailbox mod that I use for cold smoking cheese and a Smokin-It #3 for hot smokes. Also have a Smokin-Tex 1400 that I use in Mesa AZ when wintering down there.
Been watching Craigslist for a second small smoker to use here in Spokane and found the 008. Intend to use for small batches and maybe with travel trailer while camping.  Picked it up for $225. Pretty good shape except some rust pitting on both sides., inside looks like it wasn't used, not even seasoned.  Should be able to clean up the rust and repaint to bring it back to like new. Guy I got it from said it was his father's and he didn't have time to use it himself.

Doing a seasoning smoke right now.


Images (2)
  • 008 interior: Interior with seasoning smoke
  • 008 exterior: exterior