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Reply to "Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall"

idahomike posted:

Welcome to the forum Chris.  The first thing I would do is call Cookshack.  The people you talk to are the people that build these smokers, and are very helpful.  If anyone can get you up and running properly, they can. 


Thanks!  Called them today.  I have to say that since they have no "skin in the game" (I bought a used smoker from a private party), I'm really impressed with their customer service!  I don't feel that Bill treated me any different than someone who had just bought a new smoker.  Great Job CS!

I pulled the board out and saw that there was moisture inside.  I dried everything and plugged it back in.  Brought it up to temp and the display started working again (Whew!)... 

I am monitoring the temp using the built in display, an oven thermometer, an oil probe from a turkey fryer through the top hole and also a cheap-o digital meat probe from wally-world.  

Been running for 20 minutes with the following results:
CS Display = 286
Turkey Therm = 300
Wally-World = 320
Oven Therm = 375

I'm confused... 

I won't post anymore about my heat problem here as this is an introduction forum.