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Reply to "Introduce Yourself -- Time for a CS RollCall"

Hiall,S-met from Northern California.

A lil about me:
First, I'm usually here on my phone, so please excuse spelling errors from my fat fingers in a tiny touch-screen.

Secondly, no joke, my first word was bbq. Well probably more like ba ba coo. Apparently I used to run to the back patio door and point to that old grill and repeatedly say it to the probable annoyance to my parents. And nearly 40 years later I still love the bbq.

When to comes to bbq, I am no purist. While I do differentiate grill and bbq, I don't judge on the heat source. Gas, charcoal, electric, pellet, open flame or whatever else, its all good as long as you have a good time. I have a propane grill, old new braunfel off-set stick burner and a little portable propane smoker.  All have there +/-. All have put out a fair share of deliciousness and their share of goof-ups. Just added this week was a SM008, I expected afew hits and misses until I get dialed in, but like I said, I'll have a good time along the way.


Aside from grilling and smoking, I brew beer, make ciders & wines, ferment krauts, pickles, kimchi and other lacto-experimentals and definitely know my way around the kitchen. My only limit is my imagination, and sometimes I let it run unsupervised.


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