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Reply to "New Business, advice"

Yall are very helpful, and very funny (jack).

Preston, I would love to have you come and personally evaluate me. Groupthink produces bad governments and bbq alike. A different and unbiased opinion is always welcome, herein we grow, if everyone keeps telling me it is good then goes around the corner and spits it out, we all lose, haha.

Fast Freddie, good tips on the sauce. I got my head swimming looking at all the commercial sauces available at sams. Lordy! Hopefully I can keep the simple stuff simple, and focus on making great sauce. Part of this plan is to find a commercially prepared potato salad, and the same with coleslaw. A little doctoring is ok, but not too much work. I plan on making a bacon coleslaw family recipe, and the sauce. Doctoring the beans, the slaw, and the potato salad. Hopefully I will not immerse myself in labor costs approaching it this way. It shouldn't take long to figure out if I have bit off more than I can chew.

Jack, I applied for credit today (hate that rejection feeling), hopefully we will pass their scrutiny. If we do, I am really leaning toward the Pace American Midway. If my biz was to flop, hopefully this girl won't want alimony!
As I said before, I have purchased BBQ propaganda from ebay. The gentleman on the DVD recommended nothing on the butts for his pulled pork. Is this a good way to go? If not, would you recommend a rub? BTW, sorry I did not call today, you know the story about the one legged man in the butt kickin contest, I have been BUSY!!

Great replys yall, keep em comin,

Onward with my quest to build some great Q