Reply to "PICS Muscovado & Pepper Canadian Bacon w/Recipe"

Fridged at 38º for 14 days flipping and massaging daily.

Rinsed well in cold water, test fried a 1/4" slice, it was was perfect salt wise.

Put under high powered fan for 1.5 hours to form nice pellicle. (forgot to take pic)

Placed fat cap down in smoker and brushed with maple syrup.

Cold smoked with 2 AMNPS full of pecan pellets for 8 hours

Outside temp 35º inside FEC temp averaged 88º.

After cold smoke.

AMNPS after 8 hour burn.

Flipped to fat cap up and added probe.

Set Smoker to 230º (with a mix of Hickory, Cherry and Maple pellets) till internal temp reached 142º (2.5 hours) then pulled and foiled for 2 hours then transferred to fridge overnight rest.

Sliced it up today, was pretty impressed with it cold, will be great for sandwiches, tender and moist.

No more half loins, I have never been a big Canadian bacon fan but I think I have been converted Smiler