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Reply to "Show us your Smoker Set-up"

Originally posted by SkipQ:
Here is my Amerique. I've noticed that others have used the same or similar setup. I bought the stainless steel table next to the cooker at Sam's Club. I already had the galvanized hot water heater stand.

Notice that my cooker is sitting on leveling legs.

Here are the legs you need for the latest edition of the Amerique, the ones with the black control panel on top. I don't know if the previous version had the same castor arrangement and size. These are 5/16-18 coarse thread, four inches long.

These are McMaster Carr part number 6111K371. It is a 5/16-18 zinc-plated 4 inch long swiveling leveling legs with a neoprene non-skid pad on the bottom. Each one costs $7.20. You can get them in stainless if you want, but they'll set you back over $15 per leg.

Thanks for the tip on the legs. Got mine overnighted and set up my new SM025 this afternoon!
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