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Reply to "Slicing Knife Suggestion"

Hello all. I have played with and collected knives for years, enjoy sharpening both basic and higher-end steel, and spend a little time in the kitchen cooking.
My kitchen knives are nothing fancy I just keep them really sharp so that at least they don't tear up the food Japanese knives blog.

One thing I do every month or so is I get a 30lb boneless top round roast.
I then proceed to remove all of the fat, sinew, and membrane after which I cut the meat into large steaks which I further cut into long strips to make biltong.
Other times I use the same cut of meat but this time cube the steaks ready for grinding and turning into sausage (boerewors).
So nothing really delicate or that needs to look good for presentation.

Until now I have used a really cheap carving knife whose handle has now cracked. I figure it's time to get something more suited to the job.
I assume I would be after a slicing knife may be in the 11"-12" range maybe with a Granton edge?
Products like the Victorinox 12" butcher's knife, Dexter Russell Basics 12" Roast Slicer or even the very well priced Mercer Cutlery Millennia 11" Granton Slicer with Round End.

I am OK with carbon steel and it may be preferable to see me through the whole 30lb process without having to resharpen halfway through pastel rainbow background.

Am I on the right track? If not then please get me there!!


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