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Reply to "Smoker question(s)"

Originally posted by mnbbqsmoker:
For someone fairly new to smoking I have to say how glad I am that I happened upon this site!!! Smiler

My 1st question is this...after doing something in the smoker what do you guys all do as far as cleanup of the unit - walls and such?

Occasional cleanup of big debris on walls, new foil on wood box and floor, and most people clean the racks by soaking after each cook. we have somewhere here on the site a good list of what woods you use for different foods? Prime Rib - ??, Ribs - ??, brisket - ??, etc.

Is usually a matter of individual choice and availability. Here in NC, most use oak, apple, and hickory, out west alder may be choice, and southwest may see mesquite. Pecan gets heavy use as well all over the place. be honest, I was totally unfamiliar with the Cookshack smoker before seeing this site. Is a person looked down upon if he has a different brand smoker?

YES. Absolutely, and for good reason! Big Grin

4th....I've used these in my gas grill in small packets to get that smoke taste and they've done good. Can these be used in the wood box in my electric smoker as well instead of wood chips? I've got a few bags left of different pellets.

They'll likely burn faster than the chunks, but use what you have. Might be good for fish or other low temp, short duration smokes.

Thanks in advance for any and all answers. Like I said...I'm glad I've found this site. Smiler