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Reply to "Smoker question(s)"

Originally posted by mnbbqsmoker: be honest, I was totally unfamiliar with the Cookshack smoker before seeing this site. Is a person looked down upon if he has a different brand smoker?

Todd was actually joking (you have to know Todd) and since he can't speak for the forum and I can, the answer is ABSOLUTELY not.

While it's primarily about CS smokers, there are plenty of users, if not all, who have other smokers or grills or other devices to use so we'll help where we can.

Now my answers to the rest:

#1. there are two threads that are a must read. #1. Read the "new owner, start here thread" at the top of the Open forum and the "lessons for new users" at the top of the Open forum. For cleaning there are some pointers in there. Also, learn to use the Find function, it has a lot of helpful uses and since we've been open for almost 10 years, there's a LOT of good info out there, the key is finding it.

#2. Check the wood forum for wood topics, however, wood is very much a subjective taste and really depends on 1, what you have available 2, what flavors you like and 3, what smoker you're using

#4. Pellets are not the best option for the CS unless you're cold smoking. Use wood chunks. You can use them, but you're not using it as designed so any recommendation from people have on wood amount (a big thing to know in a CS) won't be helpful to you. Key in whatever you use is the amount of smoke.
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