Reply to "Smokette SM025"

Yep,if the cooker is workin' right,ya should have to run your hand across your exhaust vent -to see if it is runnin'.

A good tip,over time,is if you don't pay attention to the cooker,and go get the meat out-when it is done,it will be good,you'll have no ulcers,and you'll enjoy the process.

Now,I could be wrong-because we get folks by the thousands, log in with their nervous breakdowns,in the first couple months.

After that,we never hear from them,because it works just like turnin' the city water on and off at the house.

Funny,Cookshack has been doing that for a half century,and the story has never changed. Smiler

WHATEVER it does,if the meat is done-when you cook it enough-it is ok.

The LESS you study the cooker,the less embarrassed you will be ,telling folks how much you used to study it.

We all been there,done that.

Go cook a few things.

Worst case,it will be edible.