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Reply to "Turkey Reports - 2009"

Guitarzan's STUPID SIMPLE Smoked Turkey

13 pound frozen enhanced grocery store bird.
Thawed in the fridge for 4 days.
Cleaned the night before (still had a tiny bit of ice) and separated the skin from the meat with my fingers.
Set her in a cheap foil basting pan.
Rubbed it with Cookshack Spicy chicken rub that shipped w/ my smoker, and drizzled w/ a 12 oz. Sol beer, making sure to get plenty under the skin...just stick the longneck in there and slosh the beer around.
Covered snugly with foil.
Let it rest overnight in the fridge.
Put guajolote on the middle rack in the smoker (SM009) at 7:30am at 250 degrees with two small chunks of hickory.
Reached 165 breast temp in just over 3.5 hours.
Removed from smoker.
Placed in basting pan and covered w/ foil.
Let it rest at room temp for one hour.

Here's the deal: I like as little stress as possible when I cook, so I keep it simple. And the results...


Simple recipe. Simply DAMN GOOD results. And my family thinks I am the BBQ God.

Blues. Brews. BBQ.
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