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While those folks are snowed in thinking of something great to do cooking,competing,helping our fellow man,and starting off the cooking year greatly improved,here we go.

Scotty is a long time Cookshack forum member,cooks on many cookers over his career and has been cooking on FEC s,since they were just FEs.

He has a great winning record and his co-teacher, Mike Wozniak might have even more.

Their students may be even their greater achievement. .


Looks like we will be having our 4th Annual competition cooking class/fundraiser on February 16-17th, 2013. The class will begin on Saturday afternoon and finish on Sunday afternoon. The class will be in Hinsdale, IL and will cover all aspects, techniques and flavors for a successful and award winning BBQ. Mike Wozniak will specifically cover ribs and pork this year, but as always, Mike is willing to discuss evcerything BBQ.

The class will be on a KCBS timeline. I will not have the Applications available yet, but mark your calendars and I will have the applications ready by next weekend. Because this class is through our 501c(3) foundation, I need to do all monies for the 2013 calendar year, which is why I am not releasing the application forms.

We will also have special rates at a local hotel and will also provide dinner and breakfast at the class. There will also be a goody bag that is filled with products from sponsors, sponsors of the class and from my BBQ team.

So mark your calendar for those dates! The class will have limited seating and I am figuring we will fill the hall once again this year with students.

As always, a portion (last year it was $250) of the class fee will be a tax deductible donation to our foundation. Our foundation raises money for cancer research and to assist those that are effected by cancer. We have raised over $60,000 just from these competition BBQ classes the first 3 years. As a foundation, we will have donated over $300,000 to help fight cancer!

Hope to see you there!

Cancer Sucks!


Red Jambo one off
FE 100
FEC 100
Homer Simpson 22 " Weber Kettle
Red 18 1/2" Weber Kettle
Black 26 3/4" Weber Kettle

What a great way to fire us all up for the Spring cooking season.
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The real test is when we are up on the mountain freezin' our tails off,eating soup beans and cornbread,the wind blowing thru the pines,they offer all the Jack Daniels TN whiskey we can imbibe. Big Grin

Then,we have to go cook all night and the next day, while listening to the Australian National Team playing the didgeridoo every time they drank another shot. Eeker

That is the real test of a man,or a woman,in this bbq life. Wink

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