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I just purchased an FEC 500 in April. I'm from Colorado. When the weather dips below 40, the buttons on the control panel do not work. I have to heat up the control panel with a heat gun in order to get the buttons to function. Has anybody else had this type of trouble, and if so, what did you do to remedy the problem?
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John, I have a 2012 FEC 100, I'm just south of you in Mesa. Last winter anytime the outside temperature was under 65º I had to use a hair dryer to get it started. I worry because of the condensation that tends to build up in the panel. It's great that you aren't having this problem. I guess I'll have to break down and see what the fix is that Cookshack has devised before the moisture causes other problems. Thanks for raising the subject.
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The most recent (last few months) boards are improved and don't have the cold temp issue on starting. It has something to do with the components used and resistance and all that crap that I forgot from electronics class in 7th grade.

Easiest fix is a light radiating heat on the board, hair dryer, or even just a small towel soaked in hot water.

Okie,,You dont have a problem,i do. when you get my age you wish everyone would Just cooked 4 chickens and they turned out wonderful. Cooked at 240 degrees and it took 1hr and 50 min. I am going to put my guru temp guage in and see if temp is right,although before i bought the 500 and one reason i did because everyone said they cook quicker,they do

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