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Smoked salmon

Cut salmon into its size portions you want. Lay out skin side down and cover with rock salt for 1 hour. Remove salt rinse and pat dry portions. Refrigerate uncovered until tacky (can be held overnight in fridge). Smoke with apple wood (Alder will work as well) @ 120� for one and a half hours. Raise temperature to 150� for another hour and a half. Finish at 180� until salmon has reached 140� internal temperature about two hours.

In the bradley I only applied smoke for the first 1:20 came out great. I know this recipe sounds too simple but it is really good. My dad and I got the recipe about 15 years ago from a gentleman who sold smoked salmon at a roadside stand on the WA coast and literally would smoke a ton at a time. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

PS This also works well with skin removed. You may have to adjust the temps/times for the cookshack. Try it you will not be disapointed.
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A friend of mine brought back a ton of red salmon from Alaska a few weeks ago and gave me some to experiment on so of course I start looking throught the CS form and come upon your recipe an thought it sounds so simple it has to be good.
I am here to say it was GREAT! The perfect combination of salt and smoke. I made one fillet this way and
two with the traditional brown sugar and salt,coating one of these with Maple syrup.
every single person who tried all three liked yours the best hands down. My friend with the salmon just droped me of another 20lbs to smoke up this weekend. The only thing I did diff from above is I smoked at 150 for one hour and 180 for one hour smoke on all the time. Thanks for sharing this recipe it's a good one!

Yes my times are with a smokette.

The first time was with a fairly small piece of salmon. I just finished another batch and kept better notes.

150 degrees for 1.5 hours w/2 oz. applewood. internal temp 107 degrees.

180 degrees for 1.5 hours w/2 more oz applewood
internal temp 127 degrees

180 degress for 35 min internal temp 137 degrees

pulled and let cool on racks.

2 parts brown sugar to one part salt. coated with maple syrap half way though dring time.
My smoked salmon recipe is very similar. The internal temp is important--don't exceed 140F or you get cooked fish. You just want to denature the flesh so it turns opaque and firms up.

My favorite wood right now is hickory. After dry-brining, I rack and dry overnight to get a good pellicle. Drying time is when a coating or two of sugar--brown, maple, apple-juice concentrate--is applied. I also dust it with ground pepper for a little heat and bite to compliment the sweetness. Best smoked salmon recipe I have found. This works with trout also.

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