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Big Dave is a Texas comp chili and bbq cook.

He traditionally fixes these as his Friday night hospitality for friends.

He graciously posted this on Dave Klose's forum.

Twice baked potatoes show up pretty regular in anything butt and side dish categories at comps.

Big Country BBQ Twice Roasted Taters

Now we got a special luv affair with taters!!! People seem to like this recipe a whole bunch!

Double Roasted Taters

15 lbs taters
3 lbs shredded cheese (1 lb cheddar, 1 lb Mexican four, 1 lb Colby/Monterrey Jack)
1-2 red Onions diced (I Like two)
5 lbs diced sausage
3 lbs diced bacon
1.5 lbs sour cream (or to taste)
Black Pepper (to taste & I like a lot of coarse grind)
Salt to taste
� - 1 cup chives or to taste
� lb softened butter

Grill sausage & let cool. Then dice sausage. Dice up bacon and then cook in frying pan until crispy. You can rub the bacon grease on the taters before you wrap em if you like.

Wash taters and wrap with xtra heavy duty foil tightly. You must use the extra heavy duty foil as heavy duty will melt. Prepare a bed of coals, wood or charcoal it don�t matter�we use Kingsford. Put foiled taters directly into coals and rotate every 5-7 minutes until done. They are done when they begin to feel soft when you squeeze them. Takes about 35-45 minutes. Use a pot holder or high temp glove to pick up them taters cuz they be real hot.

Yes you can bake em in a oven if�n ya want but they won�t have that rich roasted buttery starch flavor that comes from the high heat.

Once taters are done, unwrap, cut in half lengthwise and scoop out the inside into large pan. Save the skins. Mix cheese, diced onion, sour cream & butter with taters. Add bacon & sausage and continue mixin. Add salt, pepper & chives to taste. When they are to taste, stuff mixture back into skins & rewrap with foil. Take a fork, knife, icepick�whatever and put a small hole in the foil on top of the wrapped tater. Place back on coals and heat until melted tater mixture starts coming thru the small hole in foil. They be done at this time.

You will have extra filling that can be put in foil without a skin. It will work just fine but you won�t have that crispy skin to munch on. We use the pre-shredded cheese from Sams. One pound cheddar, one pound Mexican four cheese and one pound monterey jack & colby. You can use whatever cheese you like. Mozerella, Colby & chedder work great too!

Thing to remember�Very Important�be careful with the butter. You will not need more than a pound max for 15 lbs of taters. If the mixture feels a little dry add some more cheese or sour cream. The cheese will bind the tater together as it cools. But, too much butter and you get a gooey runny mess. This is a big batch that we make for our Q�ing friends�.but we always run out!!!

Prep & cook time about 3 hrs. But worth it as ya is gonna make a bunch of new friends! Bon Apetite!

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Here is one more approach from Qsis ,who cooks with drbbq-when he is in New England.

They won with one something like this as a vegetable side dish.

She may have also included some corn kernels.

I think Juggy used the Ranch dip,for more intense flavor.

This part comes courtesy of Ray Basso's forum.

I make stuffed potatoes the way everyone makes them (8/26/2002 8:15:05 PM by QSis)

Well, pretty much, Steve.

Cut them in half, toss in oil and put them cut-side down on a foiled sheet. Season and bake until tender. Cool them, scoop out the inside, leaving a shell, and mix the insides with ranch dip (Juggy's suggestion), bacon, shredded cheese and chives. Put more bacon in the bottom of the potato shell, then some cheese, then top with the filling. Bake a few minutes until the cheese is melted.

Pretty simple, huh? Cost a heck of a lot less than the shrimp and crabmeat and fancy some of the teams were messing with in a "vegetable" dish!


Here is a post with a conversation between QSis and our old friend Jeff Wheeler,that adjusts to the pit.Courtesy of Dave Klose's forum.

Posted by bigwheel on October 20, 2005 at 21:53:42:

In Reply to: Well, looks like Dave is MIA, so ... posted by QSis on October 20, 2005 at 16:25:47:

Well I stole part of this from other folks so I only get 2.50 and it very simple. First you fry up some bacon..then you drains the grease and catch it in a pot or cup or whutever..then you wash and scrub the tates and dry em out some...then you rub the tates down with the bacon fat..then you sprinkle them with Dr. Packers Dixie dust on both sides..then you stick in the fire and or on the grate at abut 300 or so for 30 mins..then you give them a flip and cook for another 30 mins..then when a fork goes in easy you pull em off..then you crumble up the bacon along with Kraft shredded cheese..Ranch style dressing and canned chopped green chiles. You will think you died and went to heaven. McCormick Season All also works good if you cant talk DR out of any free Dixie Dust..aint quite as good mind ya..but will worky in a pinch.


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