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Sorry if this sounds like an ad. It isn't. I have NO AFFILIATION with this link.... but I just came back from a vacation in Tampa, FL... and went to this place:

I actually went in to buy tea, as my wife want to shoot me already for having an entire spice closet. Smiler Well, I walked in and I was FLOORED by the QUALITY of spices in this joint.... I told myself... Ok, Papa... $20 MAX... not a penny more.

Well, the guy who owned the place just kept opening containers of spices and before I new it I was at $110 in spices that I just "had" to have.

This is NOT your average spice.

Sorry I have been away so long, but this place was so good I thought I should tell you.

And really, I have NO AFFILIATION with them.... but they do sell franchises... Wink

BTW, the one I visited was in St. Petersburg.
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