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I took the Amerique out of the garage this morning to give it it's first seasoning as I just purchased it a couple of months ago. Turned the unit on, heard a couple seconds of a clicking noise. Followed the directions to a T and threw in 6 ounces of hickory, set the time to 8 hrs and the temp to 200 degrees and pushed the start button. Seemed to be running fine. Ran to Dunkin Donuts and was home within 30 minutes. The display was not on but the outlet it was plugged into WAS working as I have a mini freezer plugged into it as well and it was still running. Checked the manual and it said that the screen should display "time, temp, and no probe". So # 1. Is the clicking noise normal? # 2. I'm assuming the unit shut itself down for some reason as the screen was not displayed. Am I correct in assuming this? No big deal as I can wait until Monday to contact CS and have no big plans on cooking but any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mike.
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The only thing I can suggest is plug it into another outlet (make sure it's non GFCI) and try it again.

A little clicking can be normal, it's the unit cycling.

Did you check the inside of the smoker, was it getting heat?

It could be as simple as the display was frozen (the Liquid crystal can do then when it's really cold) use a hair dryer to warm it up.

there are potential issues it could be, but we can't really isolate them, unfortunately you'll need to call CS on Monday if the above doesn't work.

As a caution for other new owners who might read, that's why we ALWAYS suggest testing the unit as soon as you get it and during the weekday. It could be a simple fix or a complex on and Customer Service will have to help. We can try, but we can't provide replacement parts, if needed.

Now, why did you buy it months ago and not try it. Shame on you, think how much Q you could have been making.

Sorry it happened, we'll try to help
Well I've read the threads where people take em outside and smoke in negative degree weather with snow blowing etc... I couldn't let my new Amerique face those kind of conditions and freeze to death. I had it in my heated garage, well 45 degrees warm. Anyways make fun of me, I can take it. I originally had it plugged into a non GFCI outlet. I changed it over to another one in front of the house. There was smoke coming out of the holes so who knows. I'll go and try the blowdryer method, thanks.

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