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Aside from the normal stuff, ABTs, Moinks, etc. Experiment to see if the direct heat can help my comp chicken, smoked chili, cheesecake, grilled fruit. I have a notebook at home that I have been writing this stuff down whenever it pops in my head for the last couple of months. There is a bunch more I can't remember, which is why I write it down Red Face
Hmmm, cover.. Didn't realize there was a cover, Maybe I need to see if my wife ordered one of those. I bet she did, she is pretty smart like that (don't tell her I said that).

John - any recs on a good stone?

My list is in my head, maybe I should write it down. Heck maybe I need to buy a Food Saver before the grill arrives...

Well let's make a list.

I do all of these on the indirect side:

Grilled Pizza
Grilled Calzone
Grilled Strombolli
see a trend yet?

I like Chicken on the FEPC

Not big on desserts on the grill, smoke on desserts doesn't work for us.

Grilled Vegetables
MOINKS (start low for rendering, up temp for crisping bacon)
ABTS (low for smoke, high for bacon)

On the Direct side, of course hamburgers, steaks, etc. Yeah, I know some will do them on the indirect side, but I'm still a direct grill man for meat.

Originally posted by NaughtyNurse:
Just got the magic email, delivery is scheduled for next Tuesday. Of course the forecast is calling for a high of 19 Tuesday and 12 Wednesday. Guess that's what long johns are for because I'll still be out there playing.

Hate to burst your bubble but there ain't much playing with a CS smoker, set it and forget it!! Most of the playing will be in the kitchen getting stuff ready. BTW the CS smokers love the cold weather. Smiler
Congrats on your new arrival. I just emailed Karen last week regarding a cover for my FE1000 and was told it would be late January or February as they are looking for a new vendor.

I used a cover that came for my lawn tractor and it fit great but was free and didn't with stand the last heavy winds and rain we had. I can see thru it is places.
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
You've been talking about it so long, is that really yours?

Just kidding. Congrats! I know the wait has been tough.

Yea, I know. I got the hint to stop looking at it last night when my wife brought out a sleeping bag.
It will be worth the wait. The first 2 nights were spent doing the videos to help out those who have questions about the grill, steaks thawing for tomorrow Smiler

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