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Hi Everyone- If you have experience with using a PG500 Fast Eddie please reply with comments about. I'm not interested in discussions about pellet vs stick burner, etc. I'd like to know about the quality of construction, how well it can cook a steak, how it does as far as even heat distribution, etc.

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I have had one for a long time, so ask away with any questions.

They have excellent heat distribution. Decent build job, I really like how it cooks a hamburger as well as steaks.

There is a upper rack that will allow for different cooking temps if needed, big enough for a couple half pans.

I would say the only negatives I would have is size of cooking areas, big enough for a family, but limited if cooking for the neighborhood. In cold weather you have to watch for moisture in the top of the pellet hopper. I just crunch up a paper towel and use it to leave a small gap in the lid, that seems to correct the moisture problem.

Like I said, ask any questions you want.....yes I would purchase it again!

It kills at every question you have. 

1. Sensational quality. Mine always fires up and works flawlessly. The only issue is it is hard, at least for me, to keep it clean.

2. Steaks are superb on the PG500. The only downside is it takes a pellet grill longer to heat up than most gassers/kitchen stoves. But it's worth the wait. And remember, Cookshack makes pellet chargrillers so they know what they are doing.

3. I have not sensed any variance in heat distribution.

I love mine and have no interest in any other grill. I even gave away my gasser.

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