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After many many months of research on the internet and in person, in the form of grill stores and BBQ competitions, I decided on a cookshack smokette. I have done a pork butt and baby back ribs to spectacular success. Cookshack is the greatest.

I was wondering about a couple of things? Some rubs recipes call for drying brown sugar in the oven. Has anyone ever tried smoking brown sugar with apple wood in their cookshack?

For beer can chicken what if you replaced the water in the brine with beer and then skipped the whole can method, since the beer would be in there already?

Sorry this has gotten longer than I wanted but after reading almost every message on this board, my wife thinks I am crazy, I had a few questions.

Thank yo to everyone on this board for the information and for being the deciding factor in my purchase of a Cookshack.

Go Pack Go!
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Glad you're having success.

Give it a shot on the sugar. If you dry the brown sugar that way, make sure you open the door and lower the humidity. The CS is known as a very humid smoker and you need to dry that sugar.

For the brine, I wouldn't replace all the water (a gallon of beer?) but I've been known to add some strong beer to my brines. I've used Chimay and Guiness.

Sorry this has gotten longer

Not EVEN a long post. If you've read all the threads, over 100,000 at last counting, you'd know what a Smokin' Post looks like...a LOT longer

Congrats and enjoy!
Originally posted by Packer0550:
I should have clarified I didn't mean make all the liquid beer, just a can.

I use what I call cooking beer, it is the cheapest beer I can find, not really fit for human consumption

I didn't think so, but wanted to check.

Oh, no, not cheap beer.

I agree with chef's on this one. Don't use a beer or wine that you wouldn't drink. Cheap beer will give you cheap results.

And if it's not fit for consumption, why put it in a brine, you will be consuming it Big Grin

And not sure if one beer would be enough, it would depend on the beer. Think of the amount you are putting in the brine and how diluted it will be in a gallon or so of liquid. If you made a 1/4 batch of brine it might work, but not with a pilsner, such as Coors, Bud, etc.
Originally posted by OakHillSmoke:
If you're using Chimay to baste or brine, I wanna come drinking at your house. I'd love to see the GOOD STUFF.

Yes you would Big Grin

Lifes too short to drink cheap beer or eat bad BBQ.

... especially the Magnum I got of Chimay (about 3 feet tall, on the left in the photo, that IS a beer). It is one of the few beers that CAN age in the bottle, yes beer can age
Okie, you ever consider making your own beer ? You can get kits of all sorts and you can also go scratch. Endless possiblities and flavors. You can even grow your own hops. You can get the price per beer way down and it will be just as good, with a little practice of course. I also enjoy the finer beers.

Originally posted by SmokinOkie:

Been there done that. Even smoked some hops before I put them in the beer. Just not enough time for all my hobbies Frowner

How did those hops turn out? What kind of smoker did you use at the time? I am considering getting back into beer brewing after about a 4 year hiatus from it, and this sounds very interesting, and just might get me to pull out the closet full of brewing equipment and get going again.

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