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I decided to try saysage making (and smoking.
My first tyr was an abject failure, but full of learnings. My second attempt was much improved and actually turned out a passable breakfast sausage bith in appearance and flavor.

I decided to save some money and experiment with some leftover meat pieces long freezer burned and not very appetizing.

I made ground meat out of the freezer burn stuff, added a few spices (not really sure why) and turned out an emulsion in the Kitchen Aid mixer. Then practiced and somewhat perfected my sausage stuffing technique. Dehydrated the
sausages like snack sticks and cut them in to
1/2 to 1 inch pieces.

Didn't cost me anything but the casing price and some time. Was able to practice my sausage making, as well as my jerky and beef stick techniques, and my 2 dogs are now ecstatic over their new treats.

This is the first of my endeavors with the SMO 45 that have "turned into dogfood". But it was fun.

Hope you guys have a good laugh over this one.
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