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I can appreciate the need for a cart.  However, I do not use one. I take the rack in the kitchen and load up the meat there and place rack on a large jelly roll pan.  From pan to smoker and when food is done, I slide the rack out and onto the jelly roll pan.  Then into the house. And the pan starts collecting juices. Just the way I do it.

Definitely a thumbs up on the cart. I ordered my SM045 with the cart and really glad I did. Spent years cooking with the Masterbuilt on the ground hunched over "tending" to my food.  Too old for that!  But that cart is a pretty penny. Many have come up with their own solution to this problem, but I like having the smoker at my waist/chest area.

Yeah, I was going to flat-out recommend the SM066. It is pretty expensive but after all the OP said "no issue with budget." I got my Amerique in 2013 and I'd buy it again in a second, even with the price they're now charging. You just can't go wrong. Fantastic product and as close to set-and-forget as you can get. Every year I produce several briskets, several big pieces of pastrami, many racks of ribs, the occasional pork butt, some short ribs, double smoked ham, about 30 lbs of smoked salmon, and lots and lots of smoked almonds. Then there's the once-in-awhiles like beef cheeks, chuckies, and pork belly. It can do anything (except I haven't had much luck with sausage).

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Not sure what is going on.  It could be the software. Or maybe an offended individual reported me. No clue but Stuart will get it all sorted out.  I belong to many forums, bbq and guns, and those that use simple machines run smooth and have local moderators (as determined by the company using the program) so policing is pretty quick, by the member moderators.  The old CS forum was moderated by a few select members and problems were very rare, if at all.  It may be just a hiccup. But considering how many times I have notified CS regarding spam, I doubt it is being monitored except maybe lately.  Stuart and company cannot put all their attention into monitoring the forum. Far too many categories.

I sent you a private message.  Let's see if you get it.

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