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Does anyone have a new and exciting recipe for anything ELK? Just bought a farm raised elk processed and wraped and frozen for about $1.75 per pound. Yielded approx 230 pounds. MUCH tastier than store bought beef.
Have done jerky that turned out great and getting ready to do some summer sausage, but looking for other ideas... Wink
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Hellooooooooooo Demerelle,

Hope it works out. As you probably know, those game cuts are generally quite lean. Farm-raised may have more corn fat, but still...that's an issue with smoking. Gotta have fat.

The solution is "barding," an ancient English word. Sooooooooooo, you can wrap (Bard!) that roast with fat of another animal, like pig. Now you can have tender bbq.

But.....there's a lot of dudes (and dudettes) on this forum who may have additional (and better) ideas.

Hey, keep us posted on that big elk.


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