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I'm planning on cooking a bunch of ribs this weekend, mostly an experiment but also at the request of some friends.

I'm planning on cooking in my 020 but also want to do some on the PG1000. So... how many SL style spares can I do at once on the PG1000 without a rib rack? I know it depends on size a little... but on average? Any hints or tips on using the PG for ribs?

Thanks in adavance,


PS... My wife gave me a spot in the December Cookshack cooking class for my birthday... yeah... she's pretty awesome. (I don't think it would have gone over well if I gave HER a cooking class though... hmmmm)
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I know it's been a while... but I forgot to take pictures...

Here's a pic of the spares before I foiled them... (didn't get a final pic)

And here's one of the Loin Back Ribs I did after the spares

Ribs turned out great. I could fit 3 racks of loin backs or 3 racks of st. louis style spares (barely) on the lower indirect rack of the PG1000.

They were not enhanced, I think it's the PG1000. Of course any smoke ring etc looks huge to me since I've been smoking on my SM020 and we all know there's no smoke ring there...

Regardless of color... the loins were crazy good. Took some to work and got the standard "When are you opening a restaurant" "Best ribs ever"... etc....

I did some spares the same day I did the loins and they were definitely not enhanced, but also had the 1/3 pink on each side...

I used Cookshack(Fast Eddy) Hickory pellets for those cooks and will probably use the CS/FE Fruit pellets on the next rib cook in a couple of weeks. I dont't know if the pellets will make a difference. I suspect they will.


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