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Received my packet for this contest today, besides the explanation of not getting prize money until the following week, there was a rule under competition rules that states "ABSOLUTELY NO ELECTRIC COOKERS OF ANY TYPE ARE PERMITTED"... Not sure what exactly they are referring to, but I hope the FEC is not included in that "ANY TYPE".... I called the organizer and left a message and have not received a call back yet... Has anyone else questioned this yet?

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Is this a KCBS sanctioned event or just KCBS scoring. If it's sanctioned then it must abide by what they deam legal. If it just says scored or KCBS style then they can do what ever they want. The more I hear about this event the more intrested I get about wanting to hear everyone's opinion after it's over. I have a feeling there will be some intresting stories.
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Yes, let Craig and I know, but KCBS sanctioned is on their website, so KCBS rules would apply.

But there are some weird rules in those packets. At Memphis this year they wanted to see Proof of the USDA inspection for all meat, even that you worked on at home... Go figure.
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Tequila, yes.

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From the Organizer
"Regarding rule number 12 on your competition rules regarding no electric
cookers, we will be going by the KCBS rules and regulations which states:
Fires must be of wood, pellets or charcoal. No electric or gas grills
permitted. Propane permitted as fire starter only. Electric accessories
such as spits, augers or forced draft are permitted."

Problem solved..


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